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Easy 5 Ingredient Matcha Chia Seed Parfait - Dairy & Gluten Free!

Looking for your next favourite quick breakfast recipe? Enter the realm of dairy free parfaits featuring Magic Oats instant oat milk powders! Packed with wholesome ingredients, this recipe is designed to fuel your day with energy.

Not only does it serve as a fantastic pick-me-up snack to curb cravings, but it's also ideal for those on-the-go moments. Elevate the experience by topping it with your preferred fresh fruits, and you're all set for a nutritious and delicious start!



1. Add matcha powder, unsweetened oat milk powder and chia seeds into a 500 ml jar and mix until combined.

2. Next, add water and stir until mixed. Seal the jar and put it into the fridge for 30 mins or overnight.

3. After the chia seeds have absorbed all the liquid, layer twice with dairy free yogurt and fruit. I used coconut yogurt and strawberries to make two layers!

TIP: This recipe is great for meal prepping!

Yields: 3 - 4 Servings

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