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Magic Oats Milk Powder Products


We are a women led Canadian business changing the way you think about oat milk.

Just add water and shake to enjoy fresh delicious oat milk in seconds. Our convenient, lightweight pouch is travel friendly and requires no refrigeration.

Our oat milk powder was created with only the best ingredients you can feel good about–make the switch and choose Magic Oats!


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Use to fuel your outdoor adventures. Whether you're camping, hiking, or outdoors-- our lightweight pouches are easy to use, less wasteful and require zero refrigeration.


There is a common MYTH that all oat milks are created equal, but this is untrue. In fact, most cartoned oat milks or instant powders are loaded with high inflammatory oils, filler, added sugar, foaming agents and are just simply NOT HEALTHY. It's crucial to understand these differences, as many brands claim to be healthy alternatives. 


If you're looking for high-quality holistic nutritionist created, superfood oat milk that is balanced between delicious taste and nutrition inspired choose Magic Oats.

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Enjoy the benefits of oat milk without wasting an opened carton or running out. Perfect to use as a creamer powder for your hot beverages, whip up a delicious smoothie and to cook or bake with.

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Convenient and easy to use when you're on the move! Our travel friendly pouch has your back for work, airbnb's, restaurants, flights, and road trips. Zero refrigeration required and no more waste!


Hello to all my oat milk lovers!


My name is Lana. I am the creator of Magic Oats. As a child, I grew up strictly on soy milk. My mom was severely allergic to dairy so this was all we knew. As time passed, I developed a hormonal imbalance so I decided to dig deeper on making some changes. 


One day, I came home from a specialty store with yet another plant-based milk I spent way too much money on only to check the label and discover fillers, oils, added sugar and stabilizers that made my gut and taste buds cringe - cue trash toss and follow it up with inspiration!


Fuelling my obsession with healthy plant based food products and innovation, I knew I could offer something made with the best nutritious functional ingredients, that offered convenience, is easy to use and undeniably more delicious. 


My mission is to share the most delicious, convenient, travel friendly oat milk experience without compromise.

As a female led business, we are all about supporting women. We decided to donate 2% of our sales to the Canadian Women's Foundation.


Sending you all the oat milk love,

- Lana

Lana Creator of Magic Oats Milk Powder
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