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  • What is instant oat milk powder?
    It is a delicious and nutritious dairy free oat milk powder that dissolves instantly in water once shaken or whisked. No blender required! Find ease making fresh oat milk in seconds at home or on the go.
  • How much water should I add?
    These ratios are suggested for you to get started. Use as little or as much as you like depending on your preference. For every 250 ml of water choose to add 2 -4 tbsp of oat milk powder. 2 tbsp: Light & Just Right 3 tbsp: Perfect Amount 4 tbsp: Creamy & Delicious
  • May I use Magic Oats as a creamer powder?
    Absolutely! Add 1 spoonful of oat powder to the bottom of a mug. Pour in hot liquid. Stir and enjoy! Alternatively, add 1 spoonful of oat powder on top of your coffee or tea. Insert our electric Magic Whisk into your cup at a slight angle. Press the button at the top of the whisk and hold down until frothy and well combined.
  • Is Magic Oats only meant for travel, camping or for on the go?
    Magic Oats is a fantastic option to have dairy free milk anywhere but also a great way to enjoy at home. Our oat milk powders are fantastic to use in your daily rituals at home. Enjoy the benefits of oat milk without the added fillers, oils or sugars, never waste or run out of an opened carton and free up some space in your fridge.
  • What are some other ways I can use Magic Oats?
    With our instant organic oat milk powder you can use it in a variety recipes such as: - Smoothies - Protein Shakes - Hot Chocolate - Superfood Lattes & Creamer for Coffee - Overnight & Baked Oats - Soups - Sauces - Dips - Desserts - Baking - Mac and cheese - Bubble Tea - Ice Cream - Popsicles
  • May I bake with Magic Oats when the recipe calls for milk?
    You sure can. Follow the ratio -- 4 tbsp (28g powder): 250ml of water to make 1 cup
  • May I use oat milk powder for skincare and or external use?
    We do not recommend using our oat milk powders for skincare or external use.
  • Does Magic Oats foam well for lattes?
    Our instant oat milk powders are made without the added oils and emulsifiers as we pride ourselves in offering the cleanest oat milk possible. Our oat milk powders do produce a small amount of foam but it does not offer the same amount when compared to a typical latte foam.
  • What is the "Natural Flavour" made from in the Unsweetened Coconut Oat Milk Powder?
    Natural flavours, like in our Unsweetened Coconut, are flavours made from plant materials. For example, it could be an extract of a fruit, herb, leaf or vegetable. The natural flavours we use are always made from plant material and are non-gmo.
  • What's the difference between the Unflavoured Oat Powder VS. Unsweetened Original?
    The difference is our Unflavoured oat milk powder is just 1 ingredient versus our Unsweetened Original is a formulated recipe containing coconut milk powder, inulin, algae marine calcium, mushroom vitamin D2 and sea salt. Our unflavoured oat milk powder is a fantastic option if you have any allergies to our ingredient listing or just looking for one ingredient.
  • Is Magic Oats gluten free?
    The oats we source are certified gluten free. We do not produce in a certified gluten free facility, however we take the utmost precaution during our production to avoid any cross contamination. All other ingredients we source do not contain gluten. For more questions, send us an email to
  • Are the oats Non-GMO?
    The gluten free oats we use are certified Non-GMO.
  • Are your oats tested for Glyphosphates and Pesticides?
    Yes they are. The oat we source are triple tested for glyphosates and all major pesticides.
  • May I consume the oat milk powder on its own?
    You can consume our oat milk powders on their own, but do keep in mind Magic Oats is a concentrated oat powder. Please take caution if you consume our oat milk powders on there own in large quantities this may lead to an upset stomach.
  • I noticed tiny oat particles once I made my oat milk. What do I do?
    These oat particles are perfectly natural. For best results, use warm or room tempature water. To remove the small oat particles, simply strain the oat milk using a sieve or blend. Tip: Avoid shaking oat powder with water and ice. Add ice in after once oat powder is mixed with water.
  • I noticed my oat milk seperated in the fridge. Is this normal?
    Yes, seperation is completly normal. We do not add emulsifiers or oils into Magic Oats to keep our product as natural as possible. Give it a quick shake before use like you would with any other dairy free milk and enjoy!
  • Do you ship across Canada?
    We sure do! All price are in CAD $
  • Are there duties and taxes charged on US orders?
    All orders shipped to the USA are tax and duty free!
  • What is the shelf life and storage?
    Shelf life: Approximately 18 months. For longer shelf life store in fridge or freezer. Store pouch in a cool dry place away from humidity for optimal freshness. Once mixed with water refrigerate for up to 5 days in a airtight container for freshness.
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