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Upgrade your oat milk experience with our #1 BESTSELLER! Just add water and shake for creamy oat milk in seconds. Made with only 6 simple, all-natural ingredients, it's the perfect base for smoothies, lattes and more. Enjoy the delicious oaty flavour without any added sugar or sweeteners!


+ Use in your daily rituals whether you're on the go, travelling, outdoors, home or at work

+ Try in a superfood latte, fruity smoothie, cereal, creamy oatmeal and baking.

+ Try as a creamer for tea and coffee or simply by the glass



Servings: Up to 2 Litres

Servings as a Creamer Powder: 16 Spoonfuls


Gluten & Dairy Free, No Added Sugar, Fillers or Oils


PriceFrom C$12.99
    • Oat Milk in Seconds. Just Add Water!
    • No Added Inflammatory Oils, Sugar, Filler, Gums, & Foaming Agents
    • High in Absorbable Plant Based Calcium & Vitamin D2
    • Light Weight Pouch & Travel Friendly
    • Convenient & Shelf Stable Once Opened
    • Made with Superfood Ingredients
    • Glyphosate Residue Free Oats