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Why should you drink oat milk? ✨

Updated: May 4, 2022

By now you’ve heard the hype about oat milk – maybe it was from your Goop-obsessed bestie, or your favourite barista, but have you stopped to find out what the hype is about? We’re breaking it down for you and highlighting the benefits of oat milk and why you should make Magic Oats your milk of choice! Here are your FIVE reasons to choose magic:

1. Oat milk is allergen-friendly

Dairy, soy, and nuts are some of the most common allergens or intolerances – oat milk offers a safe alternative WITHOUT any of these allergens. Additionally, oats are naturally gluten-free making oat milk a suitable alternative for anyone avoiding gluten. All this to say oat milk is a safe alternative for sipping, cooking, or baking for people with food sensitivities and allergies.

2. Oat milk is one of the MOST nutritious Dairy-Alternatives

There are SO many milk alternatives out there but they’re not all made equal. Oat milk has 3g of protein per serving – less than dairy or soy milk but more than the very popular choice of almond milk. Not to mention the additional benefits of oat milk that you won’t find in most milks including 2g of fibre and Beta-Glucans (the very important prebiotic fibre known to lower LDL cholesterol).

3. Oat milk froths well and tastes EVEN better

Oat milk is uniquely thicker and naturally sweeter than most milk alternatives which means a less watery and creamier experience that is more comparable to dairy. The higher fat and protein content compared to almond milk also makes oat milk a better option for your favourite at-home latte art – it can froth up to triple its size.

4. Magic Oats is fortified with calcium and free from oils and fillers Anyone looking for a dairy alternative knows it’s key to look for whether a milk is fortified. Magic Oats is fortified with plant based calcium and one serving contains 20% of your daily value. Unlike other oat milks though, Magic Oats does not contain any additional fillers or fats – just oats, coconut, sea salt, and water!

5. Magic Oats lets you bring the magic of oat milk WHEREVER you go

As an instant oat milk powder, Magic Oats is there for you whenever and wherever you need it! For those moments when you reach into your fridge and realize you’re out of milk. For the road trip coffee at that rustic diner that offers zero dairy alternatives. For the co-working space with the non-existent fridge that will not stop you from enjoying your afternoon protein shake. For the backcountry adventures that make you get creative in an improvised outdoor kitchen – WE GOT YOU.

If you don’t believe the magic yet – try it for yourself!

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